Scientifically-backed and client-driven, our services deliver added value to your business while reducing the stress in your life. Whether starting from scratch or elevating your existing brand, we offer turn-key services – from formulation to fulfillment – designed to meet your exact specifications:

Advanced nutraceutical manufacturing

acenzia offers unique, proprietary manufacturing capabilities, preserving product efficacy from batch to batch and bringing nutraceuticals into line with the rigors of pharmaceutical grade manufacturing. This process is accomplished through our patented NHP 2.0 platform and proprietary production process. Production is supported through continuing investments in targeted and strategic capital equipment acquisitions ensuring the quality of our production throughput and achievement of our NHP 2.0 platform vision.

Formulation research and product development

Our patented NHP 2.0 platform allows us to develop specialty ingredients and formulations, create a biological signature of ingredients, and examine drug-to-drug interactions, thereby lowering the risk and cost of clinical trials. Utilizing the NHP 2.0 platform, we’re able to take your ingredients, research and define them, and optimize the composition to provide you with an improved formula and an end product with reproducible efficacy.

Dedicated bioscience, microbiology and analytical chemistry testing labs

What sets acenzia from its competitors is its science platform. To that end we have dedicated a large percentage of our 36,000 square foot lab to world-class R&D laboratories. These labs have the unique capabilities of handling complex chemical combinations and biologics.

Development of diagnostic solutions

acenzia is a leader in the provision of personalized diagnostics and identification of innovative therapeutics specific to particular ailments. By testing the efficacy of products on the conditions they’re meant to support we can change or modify a formula to better meet your customers’ needs. This is a breakthrough in both diagnostics and therapeutic development. This gives science-based brands an edge in becoming market leaders.

Patented innovation platform for oncology research

Here, at acenzia, we have developed a ground-breaking, patented technology to predict metastasis and support optimal therapeutic decisions. By using a unique breed of zebra fish and our state-of-the-art biotech labs, we’re able to test the physician proposed medication and determine its efficacy. Within days, the physician can see the effect the medication has on combatting the invasive disease. This technology can be applied to many types of cancer tumors.

In-Vivo Zebrafish Models for Pre-Clinical Trials

Animal research is an indispensable part of biomedical research, allowing the development of products that can prevent, treat, and diagnose human and animal health conditions. At Acenzia, we use zebrafish models – designed to mimic a functioning human body – in order to ensure that later human clinical trials will be conducted with maximum safety and efficacy. Animal welfare is of vital importance to us and all work is conducted under the supervision of veterinarians and under research license from Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

Personalized customer service

acenzia prides itself on providing excellent quality and client service, leading to genuine and long-term relationships. We continue to meet our clients’ changing needs by constantly making revisions and additions. Equipment upgrades within our facility is ongoing and we have implemented a new world-class ERP system that allows you, our client, to view your product through every phase of manufacture.

We can tailor our services to fit your needs.