PRO-DIP powered by acenzia

A team play. A breakthrough product

Making good on its promise to pioneer the next-generation of natural health care products, Acenzia has helped develop a revolutionary oral delivery system for vitamins and natural energy supplements.

Originally conceived as an alternative to smokeless tobacco, PRO-DIP is a breakthrough product category created in Acenzia’s state-of-the-art facilities in Windsor, Ontario, in partnership with PRO-DIP LLC, of New York.

Powered by Acenzia PRO-DIP pouches are small, semi-permeable sachets that are placed in the mouth, often between the gum and cheek or lip, that release an initial burst of supplements, followed by extended absorption of the nutrients through normal digestion. The combination of short- and long-term release gives PRO-DIP users long-lasting energy, even when they are performing at high exertion levels. The pouches—which lack the sugar spike of sports drinks and the caffeine overload of energy shots—will be available to consumers on Amazon and in the PRO-DIP company store in March 2019.

The partnership with PRO-DIP LLC reflects Acenzia’s aim to lead in the development of new health care products, but also to help its partners and supplement brand owners achieve their own success. Acenzia provides its partner-clients with global-patented research capabilities, 20 pharmaceutical-grade clean rooms and an FDA-registered manufacturing facility that has also obtained a Health Canada certification and the prestigious NSF International Good Manufacturing Practices for Sport registration—one of only a few companies in Canada to hold that designation.

While Powered by Acenzia PRO-DIP pouches are filled with a customized, flavoured powder blend (packed with natural B vitamins, caffeine, beta-alanine, taurine and vitamin C), the future applications for this oral time-released delivery method are limitless. The Powered by Acenzia PRO-DIP pouches are 100 percent spitless and dissolve after approximately 30 minutes.

“The exciting thing about this product is that is can be used as a delivery system for any kind of nutrition, for any kind of activity or adventure,” said Peter St. Lawrence, founder of PRO-DIP LLC. “I am gratified and excited by the opportunity to impact so many lives, and look forward to exploring all the possibilities for PRO-DIP to help all kinds of people focus on their wellness.”

Acenzia’s facilities have given rise to several other impressive innovations, most notably a global-patented in-vivo zebrafish research model for pre-clinical trials. Also counted among Acenzia’s achievements are an easy-to-access diagnostic toolkit that enables consumers to measure product efficacy at an individual level.

Another breakthrough Powered by Acenzia product is Nutria Plus, a powerful anti-oxidant supplement formulated for Lifestyles International. Nutria Plus provides maximum free radical neutralizing properties that help to maintain healthy tissues in the body, prevent and heal skin damaged from mild UV exposure, help maintain immune function, and help prevent abnormal cellular growth. Nutria Plus is registered with Health Canada and has been on the market in Canada, the United States and Philippines since Spring 2018. The creation of this product was in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada.

Acenzia’s ability to combine breakthrough science and technology with its advanced manufacturing capabilities, enables the company to quickly turn the hypothetical into reality. Collaboration and devotion to improving the lives of consumers has it on the cutting edge of health and wellness.